This project is based around the exploration of materiality and matter that leads and links into social political practice in today’s society that began with a question. What does water, H20, mean to us? Upon further investigation into water systems, water shortage, plastic bottle waste, and design development, this project soon began to question sociopolitical use and approaches to science and design in the 21st century. The duration of this project was two months, initially exploring the concept of water through the mode of conversation, interviews and research before further experimenting with its capabilities and limitations as an element. The video, which concludes the process of the project, questions the (mis)use of water and more importantly the approaches taken toward science and technology from a moral empathetic perspective. A final conceptual idea was developed incorporating science and technology to grow water fountains using natural systems such as roots drawing water from the ground. The conceptual design can be seen in the video in the form of a render within the first few minutes of the video. The video is a composition of the entire project collated.